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Finding Felines Furever Families 


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Safety Tips For Summer...

In the good ol' summertime you can have a lot of fun with your kitty, but you should be aware that summer can also present some dangers. By keeping your kitty and family protected, you can all enjoy a wonderful summer. It doesn't take much effort, just a little common sense. Remember: cats are curious!

VISIT WITH YOUR VET — a visit with your veterinarian for an early summer check up is a must! If you live in an area where heart worm is a problem, then discuss this with your vet. They are there to help you keep your kitty happy and healthy.

KEEP COOL — if you are hot, kitty is hot! Simple as that. You need to know that cats can become dehydrated quickly and you need to provide them with plenty of cool water when it is hot outdoors. Doesn't matter that they live inside the house, keep the water handy for them! 

Spot the symptoms of heatstroke: symptoms of overheating in pets can include increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling, excessive panting or difficulty breathing, mild weakness, seizures, and an elevated body temperature (over 104 degrees). Elderly, overweight, and pets with heart or lung diseases are more susceptible to heat stroke. Pets with short muzzles like Persian cats become overheated because they cannot pant effectively. These pets should be kept in rooms with air conditioning so they can stay cool. If you think your cat is suffering from heatstroke: get to the vet!

Made In The Shade: make sure your kitty has a shady place to escape the sun (even through windows).

Sidewalk + Concrete: please remember, if the sidewalk/street/patio is too hot for you to walk on, it is too hot for them to walk on! Being built so close to the ground, your cat's body can heat up quickly, and sensitive paw pads can burn. Be a friend to your kitty, keep them safe.

Cats In Hot Cars: Never...EVER...leave you cat unattended in a parked vehicle! Parked cars, even with windows open become very hot in a short period of time and this can lead to heatstroke + death. Keep your cat out of harms way.

PARTY SMARTS — this is a perfect time of year for having backyard barbecues or parties, but be aware that the food an drink that you serve your guests may be poisonous to kitty. Keep alcoholic beverages away from your pets, and remember that the snacks and other foods you feed your guests should not be treats for your pet. Why? Because any change of diet, even for one meal, may give your cat severe digestive problems. AVOID: raisins, grapes, onions, chocolate, and products with the sweetener xylitol since these are poisonous to pets.

FIREWORKS — Leave kitty at home when you head out for fireworks, and DO NOT ignite fireworks around your pets! If your cat runs away, you might consider checking with Missing Pet Partnership to see how you can find your frightened kitty. Also know that burning fireworks can result in severe burns or trauma. Unused fireworks can be hazardous, because many contain potentially toxic substances such as potassium nitrate, copper, chlorates, arsenic and other heavy metals. Be Aware!

DISASTER PLAN — do you have a disaster emergency plan? Whether it is flooding, earthquake, or other disasters: Always be prepared! Some of the best information can be found at the ASPCA website on creating a disaster plan for your pets: CLICK HERE

EMERGENCY — ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.